Story behind - VICTOR

My first children's band played regular gigs in a retirement home in Chocen.
We were a group of little kids, four to nine of us, depending on how well we were doing at school.
We were led by a great teacher, Mr. Kalousek, who also taught me classical guitar. He showed us what it meant to play in a band,
and he also stood in on the bass sometimes. I was eight years old and played drums. It was my job to get the attention of the grandmothers and grandfathers, so I tried to play loud :) . We would take the money we earned and go to the café for sweets. I started to compose later, when I was about fourteen, in the band Fish Fingers. I started to take music really seriously after I was accepted into the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory.
I spent all my free time just practicing. I took my guitar everywhere, practicing in the metro, tram, and bus, just anywhere, even on my way to part-time job. My great dream was to start my own band, which was one of the reasons why I signed up for the Ježek Conservatory.
I was really happy when I got in. Mostly I like to recall the debates about music that my classmates and I held in the dorms until the morning.
That was something else! After a while, I set up a school band called Dr. Viktor.
Its members were anybody who had the time. At one point, there were even 12 people on stage. Four horns, four vocals, and a four-member rhythm section. The school gave us a lot of encouragement. 

My parents always supported me with music from the beginning, except for those times when it was after eleven at night and our neighbors would bang on the walls and ring the door for me to stop playing. Even my dad, who was otherwise cool, would get nervous. Otherwise, I have to thank him, because he took me to different concerts since I was young, from Katapult to AC/DC, when I was eleven. This concert in 2001 was a serious breaking point for me, and my greatest passion became music, even more than hockey. 

I’ve played rock 'n' roll and blues since I was a kid. Before we started playing our own stuff, our band focused on soul as well as rock and roll. We played songs from different artists and had a female singer. About five years ago I started singing publicly and wrote my first compositions. From that point, everything revolved more around rock. 

I try to play and do what I enjoy most, and if someone likes it, then that’s just fine by me. That's the main reason why I do it. 


How we met

I’ve known Karpa, at elementary school, and with Muddy, I met one year ago during our performance. The guys have a great musical memory and are excellent musicians.

Physical copies

Only in digital form.

Digital promotion is mainly aimed at our most faithful fans. When they buy a t-shirt, backpack, or poster at a concert, they’re financially supporting us so that we can go on tour in the future and release more songs. It also gives them access to our album. We’ll think more seriously about making a CD or LP if we manage to arrange a next European tour.


All the lyrics relate to different incidents, life experiences, our desires and views of certain things. Just something that concerns me directly, to my good friends or to random “passers-by”. For example, the subject of the song ʺBig Jointʺ was my friend's story. He ended up at the bottom because of a drug addiction, and music was what finally pulled him out of the habit. His true story was such an inspiration to me that I decided to use music to tell this story to others. 

Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes