Music Bus is a revolutionary mobile music studio and concert venue traveling across the Czech Republic with the mission to inspire and educate children and young people. In 2024, marking the 200th anniversary of Bedřich Smetana's birth, we aim to celebrate his legacy and contribute to Czech musical culture through Music Bus. We offer a unique combination of various musical styles, cultures, and generations, creating not only a space for exchange but also for the development of new creative ideas. Students have the opportunity not only to learn about music but also to try making their own recording or performance, which supports their creative expression and has a positive impact on their personal and social development.

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The Ride

Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Brušperk, Zlín, Ústí nad Orlicí, Karlovy Vary  and Děčín coming soon on our website

See how our stops are going
bus stop in Chocen →here
bus stop in Pardubice →here
bus stop on Litomyšl →tady
bus stop in Policka →tady

MusicBus program process


Workshop and Performance
The workshop and any subsequent concert are completely free of charge for the school.

Workshop: The bus accommodates 20 students who already have some musical experience (such as playing the piano, guitar, singing). Any musical instrument is welcome. Participants will engage in a 45-minute interactive workshop where they will learn about recording techniques and gain insight into how concerts and tours are conducted. The workshop will also provide an overview of various musical genres and traditional music not only from European countries. If the schedule allows, we would like to practice a simple song with the more advanced students during the workshop in the bus, which we could then perform together on stage in front of the whole school.


Performance: After the workshop, weather permitting, an outdoor concert will take place on the stage where local students will have the opportunity to perform in front of the entire school with the support of the members of Doctor Victor band. This performance aims to strengthen community spirit and foster an interest in music among other students.


Our vision is to make musical education and creative expression accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location. Music Bus serves as our vehicle to achieve this dream, an educational hub that overcomes barriers and delivers inspiration and creative motivation.


The mission is to positively impact and enrich the lives of young people through innovative and enjoyable methods. To provide access to high-quality musical education, offer a platform for discovering and developing talents, and inspire the next generation of artists.


You can find the Music Bus in these cities.

🚌 02.5 ★ CHOCEŇ  9:00 ZŠ M. Choceňského
🚌 03.5 ★ VYSOKÉ MÝTO  10:00 Gymnázium Vysoké Mýto
🚌 13.5 ★ POLIČKA 10:00 ZŠ Masaryka
🚌 14.5 ★ LITOMYŠL 10:00 Gymnázium A.Jiráska, Zámek
🚌 15.5 ★ PARDUBICE 10:00 ZŠ Josefa Ressla
🚌 16.5 ★ H.KRÁLOVÉ 10:00 ZŠ Sever
🚌 20.5 ★ BRNO
🚌 21.5 ★ ZLÍN 10:00 ZŠ Zlín Okružní
🚌 22.5 ★ OSTRAVA 9:00 ZŠ Ostrčilova
🚌 23.5 ★ BRUŠPERK 10:00 ZŠ Vojtěcha Martínka Brušperk
🚌28.5 ★ ÚSTÍ N.ORLICÍ ZŠ Bratří Čapků
🚌 29.5 ★ K. VARY ZŠ Karlovy Vary Truhlářská
🚌 30.5 ★ PRAGUE
🚌 31.5 ★ DĚČÍN Husovo náměstí

The organizer of Music Bus reserves the right to change the program.

Vojtěch Bureš
Project producer

Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory VOŠ, Prague, majoring in guitar and bass guitar
Scholarship holder at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA

Music teacher at the English College of Prague in 2023
Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett, drummer for Michael Jackson, recording a single in California, USA
Ida Nielsen, bass guitarist for Prince, collaboration on public performances and bass clinics in the Czech Republic
Dan McCafferty (Nazareth) – composer and guitarist on the album “Last Testament”

Finalist winner, John Lennon Songwriting Contest in New York, song "Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll"
2nd place, Global Battle Of Bands, world finals in Thailand, performer and composer, band Doctor Victor
1st place, Global Battle Of Bands, Czech Republic, performer and composer, band Doctor Victor
1st place, Hard Rock Rising, Czech Republic, performer and composer, band Doctor Victor

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer
Pedagogical skills, experience with teaching at an international level.



We are proud to announce that our musical journey across the Czech Republic is in collaboration with Iveco. This leading company in transport solutions has provided a bus for our project. Thanks to Iveco, whose vehicles are synonymous with innovation, reliability, and efficiency, we can bring musical education and joy right to you. Iveco is not only a manufacturer of quality buses and trucks but also a supporter of community and educational projects that enrich society. Together with Iveco, we can ensure that our unique musical education bus is not just a mobile classroom but also a symbol of the journey towards sustainability and innovative thinking. Iveco contributes to the expansion of our mission: to bring music, education, and inspiration to every corner of the republic.


The rock trio with international success is indelibly linked with the Music Bus and Music Academy projects. With performances in the USA, Europe, Asia, and roles supporting legends like AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Jack White, the band represents a proud ambassador of Czech music on the global stage. Their accolades, including a victory in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in New York, participation in the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, and the Global Battle Of Bands in Thailand, demonstrate their ability to extend the reach of Czech music globally.

Collaborating with musicians from music giants like Prince to Michael Jackson not only broadened their musical horizons but also provided them with unique experiences that they now pass on through the Music Bus and Music Academy. These projects allow them to share their passion for music and education, bring the legacy of musical giants to children, and inspire a new generation of musicians to explore their own artistic expression.

The association of Doctor Victor with the Music Bus and Music Academy embodies their belief in the power of music as a means to transcend boundaries and build bridges between people and cultures. Their effort in music education is based on a solid foundation of professional achievements and international experiences, enabling us to bring inspirational musical experiences to people's lives across the Czech Republic.

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